Episode 5 — Margaret Heller

Today, I’m chatting with Margaret Heller, a Digital Services Librarian at Loyola University Chicago. She also writes for the always-useful ACRL TechConnect blog, is active in LITA and Code4Lib, and a board member of the Read/Write Library Chicago.

In this episode

We talk about the awesomely DIY Read/Write Library of Chicago (which is eager for your volunteer involvement, Chicagolanders); building a culture of UX testing; useful web analytics tools (and their privacy implications); and the pros and cons of open source library tech stacks.

Also we thank good sysadmins for making the world a better place. (Do you have good sysadmins in your life? Go give them a hug or buy them some coffee or a beer. Every day your technology isn’t on fire is a day that’s better because of your sysadmin. They’ll probably bail you out when the tech is on fire, too.)